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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali : the easy way 

If you think Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are difficult to understand, you have not used this book for sure!  Many books have made an easy subject difficult with their confused and bombastic explanations. By understanding the basics of each word of Patanjali with this book, it becomes very easy to grasp the true meaning of the Sutras. In this book the Sutras are properly categorized and Indexed for ease of explanation.

The Book is packed with such great features as :


(1) All Sutras are Sequentially Categorized and Indexed.

(2) Definitions of all Yogic Key Words

(3) Sanskrit Sutra Verses

(4) Roman Transliteration of All Sutras

(5) Word-by-Word Breakdown of all Sutras

(6) Word-by-Word explanation and meaning

(7) Clear Meaning of the Sutras

(8) Sanskrit Alpha Index of all Sutras

(9) English Alpha Index of all Sutras

(10) Chart of Asasas



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